Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Blogosphere

Check out my new sunnies that should hopefuly be arriving soon- seriously ebay=godsend

Also, i figured i'd finally add photos that have been hanging on my camera for so long, so some may relate to posts in the past... or be so old you just aren't going to care...

My Wall Decorations

And again, isn't the boy with the orange hair lovely!

Pin Board (Russh Calendar FTW!)

It's funny because if you look closely almost all the people are looking at/reacting to something

The view from my window. Look how ugly my uni is! (UTS)

Part of the book collection

My DIY attempt at the riped jeans thing, i think i did pretty well

My most favourite shorts in the word- real leather, thanks!

You can actually clip these onto a button- genius

Present from Japan

The bollo tie

I'm trying to start a trend here!

And this is actually me... I dig ties, and this is the favourite jacket mentioned previously. Ah it's bliss

The End

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