Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Immodesty to Innocence

After a lecture and class of discussing what shape discourses will take and the example of childhood innocence, focusing on the different discourses taken upon Bill Henson's recent (May 08) exhibition including the following image, which was on the invitation:

It was then confiscated by the police under accusations of child pornography. Prime Minister Rudd claiming the images to be 'revolting' and that we should give children their innocence back. Other artists noted that if this is censored it would really strike a blow at Australia's (already dull) culture. However i don't even think it even needs to go this far. Since when has nudity become taboo? Why is is pornography even though it is not sexual in any manner. The girl above looks utterly beautiful and it just has this deep feeling to it. The human form is the most natural thing is existence, why should we shy away from it? I obviously understand the reverse that children do need to be protected from those with a 'perverse' nature, but if there was a re-education of society as a whole this unfavourable nature may be reduced. Okay, that may not be entirely correct, and i don't ACTUALLY know, it's just a stipulation of mine but it's what i think. We need to stop the blushing that occurs every time a breast is shown. They are the gives of substance and without genital where would anyone be! I'm not sure make porn mainstream, not at all, for many young people they do not need to see it, not just young people actually, in a day to day life it's not necessary to see it. Well, that's a tad hypocritical isn't it. Maybe it's not an issue that we do see it, just not 24/7, people may want to see other things and that's okay! I don't think that sex causes a decay in society as many some others do, it's natural, it's instinctive, it's beautiful and pleasurable. It's in my opinion that it was religions doing in causing this natural shyness towards the subject, it's only for procreation, blah blah blah. All I'm saying is that humans do what they do and why try and stop it!

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