Thursday, July 30, 2009


I seem to be between movements with my face there. But this was my number for out Back To School party, which i think was quite lovely. The gloves are also lovely, goat apparently, though pretty delicate and therefore the seams keep splitting. That jackets also a babe, it's som brand, i forget, but was an op shop find, though a litle big.

Rat!, Nah, you Ho.

Really, really incredible detailng my miss Ratna Ho, a young designer from the nether lands (and that was her black dress in the previous post, and well der, in this one). She even was a Christopher Kane intern! Go to her website and view the rest of the images of her designs. Really stunning stuff.

stop wars

From here. Natalie Portman is so fucking beautiful. And lovely.

in the land of the living, only shadows remain

Maiko Takeda- see the article here. The use of shadows is really beautiful. Art and Accessories, meow


I picked the title because it's such a wonderful word. Oh Iceland, you cheeky bitch.

Not only are her clothes utterly AMAZING, but she has a super swell name: Anne Boogaerts. Crazy. This was part of the Lichting (some Netherland academy graduates) show at Amsterdam Fashion Week, and it's incredible.

Other stuff from the show:

Left is Ratna Ho and right is Twan Meijerink. (hellotothatblackdressohmygod!)

images from

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

manly perfection

Oh, i do think so. The pant cuffs are supreme. Amazing really. From The Satorailist

Corsets, Corsages and Corpses

The perfect combination really, though you wouldn't think it. I'm really into flower decorations on clothes at the moment. Really big ones. These corsets are incredible. I'm sure quite uncomfortable though.

in the same vein

as the prevous post, the lovely miss Chloe in a spectacular leather jumpsuit. The crutch area is a bit funny, but otherwise it is magnifique! And i want it in my closet ASAP.


Hit me baby one more time

Photography: Karim Sadli and Styling: Robbie Spencer from

Wanna tie me up and spank me some time? Kidding, though if you were Bettie Page maybe i would. These shots are dedicated to NY's fetish scene, which honestly does bring out some pretty wicked fashion (especially if you like leather as much as i do). Unfortunately some cool pieces also cosh a lot of dosh.

ive lost

the motive the blog
or to find things to blog about.
maybe it's just lately, I'm so tired
and uni has just started
why would i write this anyway if no one reads it?
it's a nightmare.

so instead i give you the physical impossibility of death. aka shark in formaldehyde. It sold for the 2nd highest price ever. crazy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i want to practise knitting

And other such fun crafts. I dig crafts. Blue skies all around in Sydney-town, though it's not as warm as i'd like. Summer Summer Summer! It's all i can think about really. Back at uni today, it's slightly bitter-sweet but i'm okay.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


The incredible creator is Gary Card (who also made some pieces in the dazed shoot in the previous post). His cardboard like concoctions are fabulous. Check out his blog to see more of his pieces.

School's out!

Yeah, not really. It's actually going back. After 7 weeks of holidays, i guess i'm pretty happy about it.. i can't actually DO things again. My three new subjects- Ideas in History, Creativity and Culture and Fictional Forms look pretty fucking sick, so i'm going to enjoy myself i think. I don't want to leave uni. I don't want a full time job!

On the lighter side, my apartment block (all uts kids) are having a Back To School themed party. No doubt, just an excuse for girls to dress a little slutty, and hey, why not, all in good fun! Pretty sure i'm going to go, and i bought a little tartan skirt for the event- unforunately my real uniform is back at home home. I want one of the ties Blair/Little J has on though, i dig! And a nice blouse too... actually, i'd want a blous with one of those collars that stick up, i don't know exactly how to describe it, but i'm pretty sure i've seen men with them. unisex unisex unisex!

I bought a new other things which i intend to improve somehow, so we shall see how that unfolds i suppose


Goddamit, blogger broke the images. They aren't supposed to be all blue like that, but i guess it works. These are from Dazed too, styling inspired by Maria Blaisse (of previous post) and it's bloody amazing. Shapes are fun to play with! To see who made who, go to the article and enjoy my pretties!

Maria Blaisse

Is sculpturally gifted. Amazing shaped with foam and baboo. I dare you to do it too. I do want to go rollerskating though