Saturday, March 7, 2009

No fair

Stalking endlessly day after day makes me want to be in fashion. Or at least be famous/terribly rich so i could hve access to such wonderful things. It hurts one deep inside, really.

Here are just some recent Fall RTW 's that have jumped out at me. I know i've missed a lot of stuff, but there's so much to go through!

Vivienne Westwood- this was pretty diverse and nothing matched, which is exactly why i loved it so much. Some of the shoes though did make the models look like they had cankles, but i deal. The stockings were absoloutley brill

Nina Ricci- i have little to no words about this, except for perhaps, jesus. I want every piece, and i want my legs to be as long as these too

D&G- so many items i adored, some a little too curtain influenced but the shapes are amazing and the detail, oh!

Life sucks when you're a nobody 19 year old girl. Berk.

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