Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Immodesty to Innocence

After a lecture and class of discussing what shape discourses will take and the example of childhood innocence, focusing on the different discourses taken upon Bill Henson's recent (May 08) exhibition including the following image, which was on the invitation:

It was then confiscated by the police under accusations of child pornography. Prime Minister Rudd claiming the images to be 'revolting' and that we should give children their innocence back. Other artists noted that if this is censored it would really strike a blow at Australia's (already dull) culture. However i don't even think it even needs to go this far. Since when has nudity become taboo? Why is is pornography even though it is not sexual in any manner. The girl above looks utterly beautiful and it just has this deep feeling to it. The human form is the most natural thing is existence, why should we shy away from it? I obviously understand the reverse that children do need to be protected from those with a 'perverse' nature, but if there was a re-education of society as a whole this unfavourable nature may be reduced. Okay, that may not be entirely correct, and i don't ACTUALLY know, it's just a stipulation of mine but it's what i think. We need to stop the blushing that occurs every time a breast is shown. They are the gives of substance and without genital where would anyone be! I'm not sure make porn mainstream, not at all, for many young people they do not need to see it, not just young people actually, in a day to day life it's not necessary to see it. Well, that's a tad hypocritical isn't it. Maybe it's not an issue that we do see it, just not 24/7, people may want to see other things and that's okay! I don't think that sex causes a decay in society as many some others do, it's natural, it's instinctive, it's beautiful and pleasurable. It's in my opinion that it was religions doing in causing this natural shyness towards the subject, it's only for procreation, blah blah blah. All I'm saying is that humans do what they do and why try and stop it!


I am and you are. our endless numbered days.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What am i wearing?

AA black unitard
Torquise Sandals- nine west i believe
And antique silver belt- looks like fish scales that's up around the waist
An opal looking thing surrounded by goldy looking petals on a small silver chain
Pastel blue nails (on only one hand)
And a short, silvery jacket- collared and zipped, really fine material. And a darkish silver. Elasticised at the wrists and the bottom. It's my favourite jacket ever.
You'd need a picture of this i suppose. and will you get one? ah i doubt, i only wish i were photogenic!! Maybe of the jacket, to see its greatness!
Boho - by constantneon on

Rawk! - by constantneon on

I have seriously so much fun on Polyvore. And seriously, again, this is how i want to dress. Well i would dress if i have the access to such items!! clearly they aren't quite consistent with one sort of look, but that's who i am. A reverse chameleon of sort, i suppose. And why the fuck not!

Personal Essay

The style of a personal essay is very different to a formal or academic essay. It allows for digression, strong subjectivity, is central to the I 'character' and uses wit or cheek to help establish and maintain a relationship with the user, encouraging strong discussion. It is similar in the fact that judgements and self realisations need to be made. This theme of the personal essay- some essayist such as Montaigne, is central to one of my subjects and as such is the basis for an assessment. I haven't given a great deal of thought into what my personal essay will be based upon however i have stumbled upon the idea (just before drifting off to sleep) of 'The problem of an active imagination'. If you indeed have read my blog before you may have seen a post about 'seeing visions of my own death', unfortunately this was not just a poem but is quite central to the thing that is Emma. My imagination really does run riot with my anxiety and serves as quite a horror to my being. I stare out the window of my flat to see my sore thumb of a uni burn and crumble to dust and i feel that the pulleys in the elevator I'm riding with suddenly snap and i will plummet to my ultimate doom. It's not particularly fair as it's so unlikely that any of these things will happen, yet i must experience them on a daily basis. Though it seems an active imagination is viewed as a positive tool, especially in the field in which i wish to immerse my self in aka writing. So it isn't ultimately all bad, really. And i guess this is the shape which my personal essay will take place. Or i could write a personal essay about the process upon finding a topic for the personal essay, emphasising the riots struck in my brain. I mean the irony is, what i am writing here is a personal essay (as rough as it may be) so it would indeed be different to write an essay about writing an essay- though it is often done as shown by one of the texts the Tutor brought to class. Hum ho, really. And though i am putting a lot of attention into this as i did only receive the damn thing yesterday, that's just another facet of myself I go hard and fast straight away and if i don't get it mostly done withrelative speed i tend to forget it and not bother. Which is unfortunate. This seems to be a charateristic of my Jung personaily type- an ENFP- extroverted, intuative, feeling and perceiving, otherwise known as the Champion!

My Characteristics
Small percent of the population is RARE BABY! haha
Passion for Novelty
Tireless is talking about this
Boundless enthusiasm
Naturaltalent with language (joy!)
Sensitive and alert
Want to help and be liked and admired
Strong convictions
Hate beaurocracy
Can be intellectual and serious but can 'switch' into an intense silliness
People person
Sensitive to things 'as they might be'
Keep decisions open and view the world as abtract rather than fixed

I am not kidding, this really is me in a nutshell, well okay there is a bit more to me thn just this personality type, for everyone is different and nothing can be exact, but it really does give a pretty clear guidline as to the type of person i am

Famous ENFP's include:
Charles Dickens, Mark Twian, Oprah, Dr Seuss, and some other ats i've never heard of

The funnisest thing is i have acted in a personal essay with my digression, and this often acts to push the point, which i guess it does, if you look at my personality type and characteristic then you will be able to make striking conclusions as to the reasons why i may do the essay about what i may do it about!

I'm a fucking douche, really. Didn't read the assesment properly, the essay is supposed to relate to the first four weeks of class. But it's cool. I'm heaps smooth and i think i could work it in, you know talking about our current culture of fear and all and the role that plays. Ahh, genius? Not really... ha

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Does everyone else agree with how perfect this is?
Like ultimately fantastic. I wanted each item and some of the dresses seem so Carrie-esque aka SATC. Oh it makes me a litle fuzzy, like arts of work even.

On another note, apologiy for lackof posts but i predict this may continue. I've just started uni today, nervous as hell but i can just tell it's going to be brilliant. I mean when a text is on beastiality, it really can only improve- that is to say, i'm terribly enthralled! It's sad to hear heaps of cats in my tute would have rathered to do media arts and production or journalism but just didn't get in. I'm so fucking excited though. Fucking excited (excuse my french but it's worthy here), my course is going to rock. Fo' sho'

So ladycats, i will be attempting to post as much as possible (though it's possible no one actually reads this so it wouldn't matter), maybe with stuff i do for class. At the moment i don't have any other poems or anything to present to you all, hopefully soon. And i hope i write something soon too!!

What else to say, ah ah, ramblings how i do dig you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Max Azria

This has everyone of my favourite things, lace, leather and velvet. Ahh, where would we be without them? Bored and ugly probably...
Seriously, i could have too much fun on, while i ought to be working.
It is just me though or does Max Azria have his hand in every honey jar?

Rodarte 'Fall' (Autumn) 09

Always so textured and intricately detailed, and always so fantastic one just falls in lust. I did want to put every piece into the blog, but alas, that's slightly time consuming. I don't even know if the ones i picked were my favourite. It's too hard to concentrate on it for too long because i could just never ever wear it- for the simple face of my money situation, and insignificance!

Vaudevillian Vagabond


(Shanina, the girl who won Australian Make Me a Supermodel?)

Deisel Black Gold

Monday, February 16, 2009


The Clubmaster
The Clubmaster - by constantneon on

Ah, i have found Polyvore. I can tell i'm going to waste too many years of my life here. This is an outfit i would totally rock if i had the money. I do have the dress and the bow tie and the lipstick and the sunnies, just um, give me the rest?


Variation of Ginberg's "America" (see end of post for video)

Australia when will you make up your own mind
When will you stop being the baby
Australia you are old but your brain says otherwise
Australia your father is a criminal and your mother needs apologies.
We grew up with a bit of a domestic situation
Australia i feel you are confused
A bite was taken out of you from underneath.
When will you ask for it back?
Australia when will you stop baaing
You've had your own wool pulled over your eyes
Why wont you grow up and stop growing out?
Australia shave off your fat!
Australia when will you fulfill your promises
Feed us all cake?!
We don't NEED anymore cake.
Creamy icing and sprinkles just doesn't cut it anymore
Australia when will you fly the nest
You're being a cuckoo and it just does not feel right
Australia i'm sick of the slump!
Australia are you tired of working?
Why don't you go rest your pretty little head
Everything can wait, it can!
Australia i feel our exports are being fed in from elsewhere
Australia you just share his lunch
Or just pick from his scraps
You need to learn how to cook
Australia you fear from all sides
You've picked one giant to huddle under and must go through
I fear from all sides. But i'm too isolated to matter.

I think i'm being squashed. And i've got no one decent to pull this elephant off my head
I'm sick of elephants sitting on my head!

Australia by colour is bleeding out
The puddles been left to back

Australia i think i'm getting demetia
Australia my mind isn't right
Who am i?

Okay, mine's totally shit in comparison. But i'll work on it. First draft, first draft! Plus he's been a poet for much longer....

Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable Show

I found this fanvid made for Clap your Hands Say Yeah's song and i think it's brilliant, i haven't seen all of the original version but I'm definitely digging on this one!

Satan Said Dance!

It was acceptable in the 80s

As a follow on to my semi homage to Madonna's threads, i'd like to dedicate an entire post for 80s fashion. While the older generations deem it the most horrible, tacky era, it's one of my most favourites. And as we all know that fashion has a habit of recycling, it's not going to disappear soon.

So let's see, there was-
  • New Romantic: Think Sisoux and the Banshees, Adam and the Ants, think Vivianne Westwood, think the Pirate Look (actually i was really close to buying my boyfriend a pirate shirt, complete with frills only recently, but i'm not too sure how he would have taken it)
  • Thriller Look: Leathers, gloves (including fingerless), studs and black sunglasses
  • I'll mention madonna again: We've got regrowth that some people really take a fancy to- though i don't exactly, crucifix jewellery, and layered necklaces, fishnets and underwear as outerwear
  • Doc Martens and Hiking Boots (i'll have to post a picture of my new pair)
  • Acid Wash
  • Bleached and Ripped Jeans- which has made a HUGE comback in the last few months
  • Lace
  • Oversized jumpers
  • Shredded clothing
  • Sexual Ambiguity/Androgony
  • High Waists
  • Shoulder pads i'm a little iffy on, but they're back in a big way.

There was a lot i'm not too fond of though- neon colours, some dancewear, shell suits and ra ra skirts. But hey, everytime has it's flaws!

I'm unsure if now we have any styles that are absoloutely new. Maybe these crazy new futuristic outfits that would be impossible to wear. But it seems like everything been done before... Okay, not exactly true.. but in a general all round sort of way


Fall 09

The headpieces are a bit too earthworm for me, but i still there is definitely a market for these. The bodysuits are just like what heaven would look like, i imagine. They also remind me of the Stella McCartney one a few posts back. It does slightly satisfy the cravings to explore deep space, but you can wear it instead! I think i just really like my shiny things. Amen


Sunday, February 15, 2009


My most heartfelt sympathy (though empathy i feel is more correct) goes out to the victims of the Victorian Bush Fires. Natural disasters, though in this case not entirely natural, are utterly devastating and leave everyone in a state of shock as such a mass of people are affected. I can only imagine the state of those people who are just waiting to hear if their loved ones are amongst those hundreds who have perished. And those 'lucky' ones who were not injured must begin their lives once again as all they have owned and known is now lost.
Instances like this show the true compassionate nature of Australians. Everyone has been extraordinarily generous, even including those affected by flooding in Queensland (and to you also, I am sorry).
Watching the news day after day we are hit by bad news followed by worse news. Something positive is very overdue.
I guess in Sydney we were lucky enough to not be struck by either of these opposite afflictions. Surely, i am grateful, but it still drags down into the pit of my stomach.
If only i could give or do more...

Hard Candy

Disclaimer: I really do despise Madonna. I would be incredibly embarrassed to be her child. And eugh, she's just eugh! However, her stylings from the yonder years are really something


Thursday, February 12, 2009

End of an Era

Really is.
No more full time work for Emma. Beginning my course on the 23rd and couldn't be more thrilled. Though i'll still be working here 2 days a week, it's not the 9-5 crawl everyday. My desk is still messy though. I'm horrid. Need to clean my room also. I just wish i were a tidy person.

Clemence Posey is the biggest babe. Absoloutely loved her in In Brugues. Those are a few shots from her feature in Lula by Ellen Von Unwerth

images: and

James Gleeson

I must share with you my favourite artist.
Sydney born surrealist James Gleeson is such a credit to Australia. He is just utterly amazing as you will see in the pictures i've added. Please click on them to see them in a larger size as it's just mind boggliing how detailed he paints. I have one of his works as my desktop (though none of the ones shown in this post) and everytime i see it i notice something new. If you've never had an interest in art, START NOW, with Gleeson. Oh man. I'm still dumbfounded by what he could do.

Aubade for a Summer Solstice 1989

Bocklin's Isle as a Contained Mirage 1989

Captives in a Threatening Landscape 1946

The Citadel 1945 (my personal favourite)

Drawing number 187 2008

Protagonists 2006

Serious Cove 1984

The Activist 1976

The Behaviour of Propituois Energies 1992

The Mirror 1976

The Sower 1944

It's just brilliant!

Images: and