Friday, May 29, 2009


i agree with the conversation on tfs, he does look like kate moss, but i'm also getting very strong robert pattinson vibes. also, in that recent spread zippora looked so much like chloe sevigny.

this boy is so beautiful though. i want in on these genes



Yeah, okay, i admit it, i'm obsessed with lace. I'm a tactile kinda gal and fuck, i just dig it. I altered a pair of old blue pants- see top- about 2 hours ago, when i SHOULD have been doing assessments. Well i mean all i did was cut off the pants at the knee and cut 2 cirles out of lace and sewed them on- yes, hand sew, i'm that lazy i couldn't be bothered to set my machine up. ha! i guess i was inspired by erin wasson in those lovely bell bottoms, balmain, i think??

And i made that collar thing the other day, hand sewn again... just gathereing it and attaching it with a press stud easy peasy. The gloves i bought and fingerlessised... oh, and sorry for the bag of rubbish in the background...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cannes we do it, yes we Cannes!

prr ladies prr. pixie's lipstick is divine and alice in leopard. uhuh.

i've been horribly behind

on my behind. with this blog.
it's busy busy time at uni with cut ups and radio scripts galore. if only i could post my recording for you all. So again, if anyone know's how to post mp3's tellll me!!
It's not like it's copyright, i made it indeed.
i've also been doing some sewing. It's amazing what you can make from a 2m long lace curtain. Well to start i made this collar, it's rad, but i want to make lace bell bottoms, hm. I'm not good with pants. Patterns could help.
I also really want to post up my electric blue leather dress but i am yet to take pictures. i blow.
booerns really, now i'm yabbering.

I do love feathers. i think these pictures are from dazeddigital but i can't be sure. But they are saved under my computer as Misa Harada, so i guess that's who it is- the head pieces. Have i even posted this before. I am out of it...

plans: buy feathers and studs and some leather and make some sort of a head piece. Deal. ad velvet? yeah.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Product of no sleep and an inside out shirt

tired, tired baby
nodding off, nodding off
off deep down, slip slup
slunk down throughthe
plastic of this chair
rabbit hole
deep baby,
down throughthe
itchy scratchy carpet
when i go back that
was slimy smoothly
tickle me grass. burnt
by rays man but
powdered by dew.
i'm due to go down
further grainy grimey
soil and rocks and sand and
bones and dinosaur claws
tenderise me hooks
hook the skin you dig

i dangle

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm with you Ginsberg

Put Down Your Cigarette Rag (Don't Smoke)
by Allen Ginsberg

Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke
Dont smoke
It's a nine billion dollar
Capitalist Communist joke
Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke
Dont smoke

Smoking makes you cough,
You cant sing straight
You gargle on saliva
& vomit on your plate
Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke,
Dont smoke smoke smoke smoke

You smoke in bed
You smoke on the hill
Smoke till yr dead
You smoke in Hell
Dont smoke dont smoke in living Hell Dope Dope
Dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke

You puff your fag
You suck your butt
You choke & gag
Teeth full of crud
Smoke smoke smoke smoke Dont dont dont
Dont Dont Dope Dope Dope Dont Smoke Dont Dope

Pay your two bucks
for a deathly pack
Trust your bad luck
& smoke in the sack
Dont Smoke Dont Smoke Nicotine Nicotine No
No dont smoke the official Dope Smoke Dope Dope

Four Billion dollars in Green
'swat Madison Avenue gets
t' advertise nicotine
& hook you radical brats
Dont Smoke Dont Smoke Dont Smoke
Nope Nope Dope Dope Hoax Hax Hoax Hoax
Dopey Dope Dopey Dope Dope Dope dope dope

Black magic pushes dope
Sexy chicks in cars
America loses hope
& smokes and drinks in bars
Don't smoke dont smoke dont smoke,
dont smoke dont dont dont dont dont
choke choke choke choke kaf kaf
Kaf Kaf Choke Choke
Choke Choke Dope Dope

Communism's flopped
Let's help the Soviet millions
Sell 'em our Coffin-Nails
& make a couple billions
Big Bucks Big Bucks bucks bucks
bucks bucks smoke smoke smoke smoke
smoke Bucks smoke bucks Dope bucks big
Dope Bucks Dig Big Dope Bucks Big Dope
Bucks dont smoke big dope bucks
Dig big Pig dope bucks

Nine billion bucks a year
a Southern Industry
Buys Senator Jesse Fear who pushes Tobacco subsidy
In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Dope smokes dope smokes dont smoke dont smoke
Cloak cloak cloak room cloak & dagger
smoke room cloak room dope cloak
cloak room dope cloak room dope dont smoke

Nine billion bucks for dope
approved by Time & Life
America loses hope
The President smokes Tobacco votes
Dont Smoke dont smoke dont smoke dont smoke
Dont smoke nope nope nope nope

30 thousand die of coke or
Illegal speed each year
430 thousand cigarette deaths
That's the drug to fear
In USA Dont smoke Dont smoke Dont smoke

Get Hooked on Cigarettes
Go Fight the War on Drugs
Smoke any other Weed
Get bust by Government Thugs
Dont smoke dont smoke the official dope

If you will get in bed
& give your girlfriend head
then you wont want a fag
Nor evermore a drag
Dont Smoke dont smoke Hope Hope Hope Hope
O Please Dont Smoke Dont Smoke
O Please O Please O Please
I'm calling on my knees

Twenty-four hours in bed
& give your boyfriend head
Put something in your mouth
Like skin not cigarette filth
Suck tit suck tit suck cock suck cock
suck clit suck prick suck it
but dont smoke nicotine dont smoke
dont smoke nicotine nicotine it's
too obscene dont smoke dont smoke
nicotine suck cock suck prick suck tit
suck clit suck it But dont smoke shit nope
nope nope nope Dope Dope Dope Dope
the official dope Dont Smoke

Make believe yer sick
Stay in bed and lick
yr cigarette habit greed
One day's all you need
In deed in deed in deed in deed smoke weed
smoke weed Put something green
in between but don't smoke smoke dont smoke
hope hope hope hope Nicotine dont
smoke the official dope
Dope Dope Dope Dope Dont Smoke
Smoke weed indeed smoke grass yass yass
smoke pot but not nicotine no no
indeed it's too obscene
put something green
in between your lips get hip not square
listen to my wail don't dare smoke coffin nails
ugh ugh ugh ugh the government Drug
official habit for Mr. Babbitt
Dont smoke the official dope
dope dope dope dope don't smoke
Dont Smoke Dont Smoke.

I would attach the audio for this: i have it on cd, is there a way to do that? or not...

But seriously, i love this poem (song) of his, it's utterly true. Sure, sure every model and his dog smokes these days, but i'm sorry, i think it's fucking disgusting. Why don't you just drink some tar and eat razors and chew dirt instead. It's efectively the same thing... I'm also with him that it's the drug to fight, not pot, not ecstasy, not all these others that everyone is so scared of. Maybe everyone just needs a dose of Timothy Leary... bring back those days...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please, please, please, let me, let me, get what i want

Lord knows it would be the first time. Why does Opening Ceremony have the best shoes? Because i can't afford them i guess. I'm into the fact that they are more platform and not so high. Comfort is a huge factor.


Stop the Press:

It's the next big thing:

I wonder who she is? I take it fromthe caption 'underageheartbreakers' she's only a youngin'
Digging her threads though! And her fucking cheeckbones and jaw, ooh, sizzling.



Bright Like Neon Love

Who said neons are out?

On a side note: Australia's Next Top Model- seriously, they shouldn't have 16yo's on the show- sure yeah yeah they're better young, but fuck me are they immature. Seriously, i just don't GET why people are bitchy. Luckily Claire's my favourite and she's a nice kid. Do they thik they are just going to taunt and push others until they leave the show. It's a fucking nightmare. I only watch top model for the pretty photos and the catwalks, not for the fucking drama. Goddam, if only i were like twice the height i am and i could teach them a thing or two about being nice. fuck! Also, some have the worst fashion sense, ick!


Monday, May 18, 2009

ice cold

cold as ice. ice as cold. my ice is cold. too cold, not cold enough. like ice. ice queen. cold queen, ice queen. ice cream. i scream. you scream we all scream for ice cream. cold cream. eye cream. i cream. i am cold. ice cold. cold as ice. cold as as ice. as cold as ice. cold as ice is cold like ice cream.

It's funny, because after writing that cold just doesn't seem like a real word anymore...


Seriously, now. It's Christian Bok and a recording of his sound poetry. Fuck me, brilliant shit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear Diary

Yes, it's true, we are all prostitutes. I'm whoring myself out for what? Hm, a nice pair of shoes, a killer dress? No it seems for an education. And hey, fuck it, it's what i want. That reminds me, i used to collect badges, they are indeed a sneaky accessory. Pity my favourite one (edna everidge shaped glasses) got smooshed in a mosh pit some years back. Ah, the price you pay for a band, really. I fucking love this picture though right. It's just ace, mother.fucking.ace.

And i believe it's Terry Richardson's image, who also did the ever famous (well it was on the cover of vice magazine at one point):

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So see the previous post- now this is the runway from RAFW. Yes. good. love it. uhhuh. gimme palease!

It was acceptable in the '20s

Gail Sorronda from DazedDigital. I love that necklace in the top image, the second coat and the third dress and you know, all of it really. But black can be a bit sad...

Find some other way to feel. Then you won't feel sad. Good luck.

Seriously, Daria rules. She's so deadpan, cynical and apathetic, not to mention witty and intelligent. I love it. Jane's almost the same, but a bit more relaxed and creative. But jesus, i just see fashion modelled after what Jane is wearing here (on the right). Blazer with t-shirt, short-shorts or a skirt, stockings and docs. Not to mention red lipstick. Ah, it's amazing isn't it, to think this was back in the 90's, you know when grunge was the new thing? I love it though, and i do dig her looks, it's just a bit you know, ironic?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not happy Jan!

"A GOLD Coast teenager who wore a T-shirt by English extreme metal band Cradle of Filth that reads 'Jesus is a c**t' has been charged with offensive behaviour.

Above the offensive slogan a nun is depicted masturbating.

A 16-year-old was arrested on Monday for wearing the shirt and was charged with offensive behaviour under the Summary Offences Act 2005 for public nuisance.

Senior Sergeant Arron Ottaway said the teen was walking along Hollywell Road, in Biggera Waters, when a officer saw him.

Police conducted inquiries at Australia Fair, where the teen said he bought the shirt, to find any shops selling it.

The Reverend Matt Hunt of the Helensvale Baptist Church said it was sad people spoke about the Lord in such a way.

"It's fairly common language these days to express sadness, anger or hurt," he said. "It's a degrading word to use and Jesus is anything but that. It's like calling white black."

Mr Hunt said using the Lord's name in vain was a serious sin.

"When someone comes to the point of saying Jesus is the devil or Jesus is 'expletive', the Bible does say be very careful because you're on thin ice."

Gold Coast lawyer Bill Potts said the arrest highlighted Australia's need for a Bill of Rights.

"One of the great problems with our country is that we talk about rights such as privacy and freedom of speech and the like but they are not enshrined or protected in any way as they are in America," he said.

"While there are always limits on freedom of speech, you can't incite violence or anything like that, it seems to be now more than ever that our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression should be protected.

"A Bill of Rights which enshrines that protection is long overdue in this country."

Mr Potts said charging the teen was 'ludicrous' and brought the law into disrepute.

"A shirt might offend some and might be amusing to others," he said.

"If a person was wearing the shirt in a church or a religious rally where it was specifically intended to offend or cause disruption, then perhaps the prosecution might stand a chance.

"However, to criminalise juvenile or boorish messages is to bring the law into disrepute. The police are acting like the thought police and censors." "

I had to post this after seeing a link to it on gnarlitude. Seriously fucking hell. I'm so appalled and disgusted that someone would get arrested for that. I just wrote this essay on obscenity (which i've posted some time ago) and i think people need to fucking move on and honestly, grow up. Do they not realise it's religion that's caused a fuckload of war in the word, not swearing or pornography.

Also, this morning on sunrise they were talking about swearing in film and what not, and this one woman was saying 'oh you shouldn't swear in front of women' because women deserve to be treated with respect and what not, like what, men don't need to be? It's like a dark ages mentality that women should be protected and guarded. If you think about it fuck is really a word for sex, sex is natural. cunt if for vagina, a vagina is a goddam (yes i'll blaspheme) life giver, more so than jesus... and what shit is feces? Everybody does a poo now and then.

Also if you look into this article with rev. Hunt's quote "It's a degrading word to use and Jesus is anything but that. It's like calling white black." Honestly, he's being racist. It's like calling white black? So what is pure and black is evil is it? It's degrading to say that something white is black? What a joke. What an ass.

I'm fired up.

It makes me angry. I want my fucking free speech.


If anybody ever reads this:


I'm writing a cut up- well a version of a cut up. See if you don't know what i'm talking about. I've photocopied on page from a few different texts on jazz, the brain, plants, clothing and dams and i'm using only the words on these 6 pages (though i'm thinking of adding a page of a novel or something) to create a personal essay, on the senses and perception and knowledge and what not. I've just written the beginning. I think it's fucking cool, but it's likely to not make sense... just keep in mind this is not a normal essay, personal essays are more creative, obviously personal and informal and just different! Ha. So let me know what you think? It's likely before anyone (if anyone) does say i would have written more, but i can leave that until later...

A twist in the breeding place activating movement. Attention tuning in, awake. Mesh of material and arms and legs and hair, unkempt. Physical stiffness alert by a discrete odour. Arch back, strengthening posture, body impulses faster to food materials. Water cooling hot veins. Evaporation of transpiration but unpleasant pressure does pit toward the back pocket. I discharge and the viscosity slashed by my three-dimensional longitudinal elasto-plastic material. This transmitting gives an involuntary pleasure, a temporal unidentified experience. It does influence my emotional brain.

So yeah, what do you think?


From Jalouse- May 09
And seriously, to me one of the most flawless beauties. Her style is simple and chic. I dig. Plus, she was in In Bruges and Harry Potter as well as other things. And her new film to come out at some point is Lullaby For Pi

Annie Hall anyone?


They both look fantastic in such different ways...

You're standing on my neck

I'm always and forever a frilly sock and stockings kind of gal. Her stockings are ace though! Yes for Sydney and that sky

Hello lady!

ps i've been watching lots of Daria today, if you don't know it- get into it

The Doctors Are In

Today i as talking to this guy who was trying to get people to give support to an environmental charity. He almost convinced me to pledge dollars, until i realised i'm a struggling uni student and i just can't afford it. He said blah blah i know what it's like blah blah, yet still continued to pressure me. I know it's his job, but i'm a poor mother fucker and there are so many charities out there, who can we be expected to give money to them all, seriously. This guy made me feel horrible, so horrible i almost cried. Is it just i'm a little too soft at heart? I really wanted to help out, i do, all the time, and i always stop to talk to these people. But this is how it is. Pressure should be put on those with a disposable income, thanks...

Yet still, i feel horrible...

also, i've been watching daria all day (thanks youtube) and it fucking rocks. She doesn't care that she doesn't support charity, should i adopt that attitude?