Friday, March 27, 2009

Shades of Grey

Day time: Old, old CK shirt which i got the scissors on, the coolest pants in the world, they were once my mums widelegs, now my skinnies, my favourite shiny jacket (i am a bower bird)

Night: AA mesh dress, bardot bra, AA bike shorts (yes i wore bike shirts and not a skirt, they are heaps more comfy), a spotlight chain tied around my waist and an oldschool velvet back with like huge ~jewels~ on it and gold beads around those=radtastic!

Shoes at night: They are Scooter and go me, i got them for less then half price! They are killer high, pity i didn't get a side view... I'm thinking about puting some really thin chain through those hole things

Ps. i'm not the most photogenic person
Pps. it's really annoying bardot just assumes that skinny girls have no breasts... i mean i'm usually a 6 or 8 there, but the bra i got was a 10 and my boobs STILL don't fit inside, i have to like wear it half up to cover.... WHAT THE HELL!


m and g said...

especially love the daytime outfit! such a fan of those jeans!

tracyjacks said...

love the first photo, the outfit is amazing! just found your blog and so glad i did, love the header too haha


tailorstitch said...

i like the sheer top and the shoes are really nice!