Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relax, don't do it (when you want to go to it)

A lot of people really aren't relaxed enough for my liking, or is it i am too lazy for them?
It may be true that i'm lazy, but at least i'm not wound up so tight my heads stuck in my mouth.

I'm enjoying the view from my window. And my clean room. I just organised my cd collection from my current favourite to my current least favourite. It would have changed even now, but i am certainly not going to do it again.

Very soon i'll do a post for the winter season- filled with my jacket collection, will i be in the shot or won't i? What a question. I wish it were still summer...

The Surry Hills Markets are on tomorrow, i urge anyone who's in Sydney to go, even though i may not be able to, because they are amazing. I have noticed the amount to which i use the word amazing, and it's amazingly quite often! Along with the likes of brill, ace and radicool. I am a 90s child after all...

image: cobrasnake

Hyeres To The Future

hyeres 3 Harald Lunde Helgesen, "2509 BC"

hyeres 4Alice Knackfuss, "Heimwärts"

hyeres Melody Deldjou Fard, "BodyMerging".

hyeres 2Maxime Simoens, "Kaléidoscope".

“Hyères, pronounced 'Yeah' gives way to a number of postive word plays - Hyères is the air, yay for Hyères and indeed, Hyères we go. There's good reason for the enthusiasm given that the festival's unique selling point is year after year, a big draw for fashion professionals. Ten young designers are brought together at the stunning Villa Noailles, the cubist villa built in the 20s' by Mallet-Stevens that houses exhibitions in locations like an empty indoor pool. A fashion show is set up on the beach and then the designers are judged by a formidable jury which in the past have included Alaia, Margiela and Lagerfeld.  This year, the fashion jury will be presided over by Kris Van Assche and also includes Dazed co-founder Jefferson Hack too. The history of winners that have made it big is equally impressive; Sandra Backlund, Henrik Vibskov, Ute Ploier and Romain Kremer. Stakes are raised even higher this year with an extra prize of EUR15,000 added in the pot courtesy of Swarovski, cementing their position in supporting young fashion talent.”

And these four were my favourite designs/photos (by Amira Fritz) out of the ten finalists

Monday, April 27, 2009

I want you so hard, i want you so good

Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes. Wow!

I went and saw Eagles of Death Metal on Saturday night, and oh me oh my he is one sexy, sexual sex God. The rest of the band rules, obviously, but i can't get past The Devil. Had such an amazing night, and yes, i did catch Joey castillo's drumstick. He's the drummer for Queens of the Stone Age (my most favourite), and it was so sad that Josh Homme, the 'real' drummer and what not for EODM didn't tour because of his other commitments, being QOTSA i guess. But i love him even more then Hughes, which may seem impossible, but he really surpasses. And they both have flaming hair.. coincedence? I think not.

I know the quality isn't amazing, i was dancing at the time, and there was people jumping in front of me so it was hard to snap the perfect moment. But weren't we quite close!

Look at the marks on the sticks- he goes so hard!

Back to the Future

This actually happened some time ago- when i went home for the holidays, my home being the coastal town Port Macquarie, 5 hrs north of Sydney. It seems, however, whenever i go back i can never seem to control myself when i go out. I am usually aware of my alcohol limit, but here... hmm, am not. Anyway, here are a few pictures where i look at least semi decent. Note again the orange lipstick.

I'm trying to grow my hair and it's killing me. It's painfully slow and at that point where i REALLY want to cut it... and i'm growing my fringe at the moment... trying to decide whether want one or not, and it's just irritating

The Metamorphosis

I went with my friend Lucy to see a performance of Kafka's The Metamorphosis at the Sydney Theatre. I'd have to admit it was stragely funny at times, but Gregor and the set were AMAZING. Picture a downstairs set- normal, but upstairs is a bedroon we are actually looking at from the top...

The Whole set- imagine at the end Gregor hanging almost naked from these ribbons. It was intense, i basically cried..

It's hard to figure this one out, but he's actually on the roof there... our roof, but the set's wall. He was such an anazing climber! A professional rock climer i think.

This was his bed which had a sheet cut in the middle which allowed for some excellent climbing!

For those of you who don't know the short story, it's basically this man, Gregor Samsa who one day wakes up as a huge bug. His family become aware of it and while his parents are scared and horrified his sister Grete looks after him. However she soon is sick of it (and him) and 'forgets' to bring him food. Other things happen but in the end (of the play) he dies, and unfortunately for the viewer his family are indeed much better off, never seeming to remember- or at least show it- there was once a fully capable man who was leader of the household. It's horribly depressing, but that's what Kafka is all about really, and actually one of my favourite authors!

This is whati was wearing. Eugh, i'm terribly unphotogenic and my hair is shit, but i just wanted you to se the coat, it's fucking ace. I can't get over what a good find it was, cheap too (second hand of course) and i LOVE those flowers. Been getting very much into the orange lipstick lately. And a dark red/plum colour, but i have no photos of me in that at the moment...

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm thinking

I would love to post the outfits i wear, but fuck, i am not photogenic AT ALL.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I desperately NEED this

Also a Jacobean/Elizabethan Ruff would be brill, i found one in the markets over a year ago, why oh why didn't i purchase! Could be a posible lace DIY though...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Apocolypse Now

If you get offended easily i wouldn't read this...

The slimy devil picks up the closest blade

Runs his finger across and to hear the twang of the air around

He slips it under a vein in his chest and tugs

The blackness oozes dribbles and he feeds it into the mouth of his capture

Who shivers, seizes, contorts

The jaw detaches

Bile and vomit, asshole is shit covered

It’s itchy. It scratches more more more

Peels away flakes of skin yanks handfuls of flesh

A new man emerges from inside slipping off this outer shell

“My child, follow” and with a path of spores does so

Wings burst through his hollow back stretching skin across bones muscle

Velvet blackness arouses his senses, caresses his skin as he erupts from the floor

He is perched master atop the cross

A woman in his hand he hooks in his claws her too big breasts. They deflate

She is forced backwards, dry

And fucked. Choke on cum

Arachnid picks up the carcass and spins silver around its limbs

Hang upside down from the cross

Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset...

Threads dissolve bones dust

Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset.

Concrete graveyard supports a bed of synthetic poppies

Transgendered transsexual flowers pierce their own carpels with their own stamens

Higher buildings sprout, pushing below ground their root canals

Thousand echoes patter the air, thickness to walk through

Swimming, gasping for oxygen

Skin rips bleeding gills form

Syrup of smog goads through and fill the lungs till they rupture

Piercing metallic shrill bursts ear drums vibrates sound waves bridges sway like
elastic acid

Zeus spews bolts onto the cities splitting men in half sinews snap and necks writhe
bleeding out

Golden tsunamis wash the cement copulating thousands drown

And splutter

Vacant realm mirrors heaven

Beautiful dullness is not enough

This is a poem for a raio script for an assessment. The assessment was to be written from the topic of what our essay was (which i've posted previously). My topic was obscenity.

Tell me what you think?

They just don't make them like they used to (yes, cliches!)

Bubble Series for Harper's Bazaar in 1963- Melvin Sokolsky

lifelounge again

Cowboys, Indians, Sunshine and Guns

I think it's really beautiful- Neil Krug's photography from Ah, amazing

Monday, April 13, 2009

Messing About

On Photobooth. Excuse the lack of makeup aka bad skin and shithouse hair
I'm hopping into bed.
Seriously, photobooth rules.

Hello Tights


I still am, just elsewhere...
it's been difficult to keep blogging chugging along at the moment.

I'm currently writing an obscene poem to be turned into a radio script- i shall post when it's finished. I feel like the biggest creep writing it, but i love it really...
Have to double check with uni though that it's not going to be much of an issue, i should hope it's not though!

Went antique shopping today- definitely looking out for a cape, found one but i could definitely do better, some fab hats though, and this wonderful watch- unfortunately it was a rolex and oh about 900 moolahs... not quite within my price range at the moment.

One of the singers in ladytron was wearing a cape during their gig in September 08, i had indeed worn a large black one a few weeks before this, however it isn't EXACTLY how i want it...

The two lovely ladies from Ladytron

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fucking LOLing hard over this

It's very true...

Vice's Global Trend Report- New York 09

GIRLS Ladies have completely shocked us by dressing as slutty as they possibly can. Prudes are out, slags are in. If Kelly Bundy and early-90s Axl Rose boned and had a daughter she would look like every girl below 14th Street. She’d have long beautiful hair with half of her head shaved. Her closet would consist of several American Apparel spandex dresses (which she probably stole while working there), ripped jeans, shredded or mesh tank tops, tights with too many questionable holes, and endless denim vests and jackets in every wash imaginable. This girl would also own a few pairs of Doc Martens (black patent leather or floral), stripper heels, and maybe—just maybe—a pair of creepers. While English punk is cool or whatever, we’re really hoping this Herman Munster shoe fad doesn’t carry on for too long. Those monstrosities can make the cutest girl look like she’s a trombone player in a ska band. Gross

I look at all the blogs (and myself, at times) and see this exactly. Good ole vice ;)

PS. i do like how Alice Dellal pulls off the hair though.

W(orld) O(f) W(arcraft)

What i would give to have this wardrobe