Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"real women" have curves

Opening up my email from today i was confronted with (like i have been numerous times) "real women have curves".
While i cannot deny the importance of this phrase as an acceptance that bigger, curvier women do exist and to some that is the ultimate, not the skinny girl plastered throughout magazines, it hurts me.
The two words 'real women' shock me, okay so yes curvy women should get attention but to the point where calling skinny girls 'fake'?
It's just too far down one end of the spectrum

As one of these naturally skinny girls i have to carry around with me the stigma of eating disorders, though i have never once thought i was overweight or attempted to lose weight, rather the opposite!
It's like if someone calls a girl at that is politically incorrect, but to call a girl anorexic (with no proof) is perfectly acceptable. While you may not think it, i've had strangers comment to who they are with, or even to me, teling me i should eat more, or that i look hungry. It's absolute bullshit, and i always try to call them on this.
Often i find it is a larger women who makes such comments, but not once have i ever uttered out loud 'maybe you should stop eating or lose some weight'. I could never act so horrid towards someones emotions.

IT IS POSSIBLE FOR A GIRL TO BE NATURALLY SKINNY, just as it is possible for a girl to be naturally a size 14 and i don't percieve either to be 'wrong'.
I'm generally the type of person who takes things in their stride and rarely let other things affect me, but this is just an instance where i can't ignore it. As i've grown older i have certainly put on weight and while i have remained thin i'm not as strickingly 'underweight' as i have been. But for someone to call me anorexic or bullemic just goes to far. Not only is it offensive to me, but to those who do suffer from some sort of eating disorder. What people don't realise is it's not just someone thinking they're fat, it's a mental issue. I'm just sick of this bullshit generalisation that is so common today.

'real women' don't just have curves. Some WOMEN (or girls, as the point may be) do, some don't, some have a little in betwen. Simple.

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filthy lust said...

i'm with you on this one, sometimes i think being "naturally" skinny is the bane of my existence. yes, people can be skinny without having anything wrong with them!