Monday, February 9, 2009

i love it when you talk like that

OH, laneway, laneway, laneway.
What a brilliant festival. Filled with eons of Indie darlings and fantastically dressed people.
The location was perfection, in the centre of the city yet surrounded by trees.
Few of the favourites i enjoyed were Firekites, Papa vs Pretty, Rusko, Yves Klein Blue, Born Ruffians and of course, Girl Talk. The whole alleyway was stocked full of people, skyscrapers on each side and tunes being belted out by gigantic speakers. Everyone just danced. 'Twas was brilliant.

We both look semi horrible here, but it's okay. End of a night excuse and all... I'd bought that shirt the day before. Pity you can't see the rest of it, but there's little bows underneath the boobs and it's none other then midriff. It reminded me of madonna. And i love it.

Ah, Girl Talk, wish i was one of the lucky ones who were up on stage for the act. But i did give him a high five, and i guess that will have to satisfy me.

And i WILL add the photo's i took soon soon soon. Ah i'm too lazy for this


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