Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flight Fear

I may have possibly, but only slightly, overcome this...
Flying twice in a few days, albeit the flights were only 40minutes long each, i think i may have made myself to bear the horror that is flying. The lurch of the take off, the bumps of air pockets, the falling free of landing. It scares me to no end. Not to mention the possibility of falling from the sky.

So what if they are safer than cars. To an irrational fear, STATISTICS DO NOT MATTER!

However, it does amaze me like nothing else. To see the land from above really does get the creative juices pumping. The twisting snakes of rivers, the specks of white on blue, the mountains, and my favourite, getting just above that layer of clouds. They seems so unbelievably perfect. Like they are formed on a sphere with just comfort in mind.

On a different note, i have enrolled into uni.
First semester subjects:
Understanding communication
Language and Discourse
Text and Context.

Will this be the best year or what?!

Also, Playground Weekender (which i may not be able to attend, boo) and St Jerome's Laneway Festival is on this weekend. Going to be fucking brilliant!!

Have recently bought that lace half bra/midrif top that i have seen much of lately. Well, one from Bardot. Question is, am i brave enough to wear it as is, and not over a top? No idea... humph.

I really need to get the internet at home. Sick, sick, sick of Internet Cafes!!


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