Monday, February 16, 2009

It was acceptable in the 80s

As a follow on to my semi homage to Madonna's threads, i'd like to dedicate an entire post for 80s fashion. While the older generations deem it the most horrible, tacky era, it's one of my most favourites. And as we all know that fashion has a habit of recycling, it's not going to disappear soon.

So let's see, there was-
  • New Romantic: Think Sisoux and the Banshees, Adam and the Ants, think Vivianne Westwood, think the Pirate Look (actually i was really close to buying my boyfriend a pirate shirt, complete with frills only recently, but i'm not too sure how he would have taken it)
  • Thriller Look: Leathers, gloves (including fingerless), studs and black sunglasses
  • I'll mention madonna again: We've got regrowth that some people really take a fancy to- though i don't exactly, crucifix jewellery, and layered necklaces, fishnets and underwear as outerwear
  • Doc Martens and Hiking Boots (i'll have to post a picture of my new pair)
  • Acid Wash
  • Bleached and Ripped Jeans- which has made a HUGE comback in the last few months
  • Lace
  • Oversized jumpers
  • Shredded clothing
  • Sexual Ambiguity/Androgony
  • High Waists
  • Shoulder pads i'm a little iffy on, but they're back in a big way.

There was a lot i'm not too fond of though- neon colours, some dancewear, shell suits and ra ra skirts. But hey, everytime has it's flaws!

I'm unsure if now we have any styles that are absoloutely new. Maybe these crazy new futuristic outfits that would be impossible to wear. But it seems like everything been done before... Okay, not exactly true.. but in a general all round sort of way

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