Sunday, February 15, 2009


My most heartfelt sympathy (though empathy i feel is more correct) goes out to the victims of the Victorian Bush Fires. Natural disasters, though in this case not entirely natural, are utterly devastating and leave everyone in a state of shock as such a mass of people are affected. I can only imagine the state of those people who are just waiting to hear if their loved ones are amongst those hundreds who have perished. And those 'lucky' ones who were not injured must begin their lives once again as all they have owned and known is now lost.
Instances like this show the true compassionate nature of Australians. Everyone has been extraordinarily generous, even including those affected by flooding in Queensland (and to you also, I am sorry).
Watching the news day after day we are hit by bad news followed by worse news. Something positive is very overdue.
I guess in Sydney we were lucky enough to not be struck by either of these opposite afflictions. Surely, i am grateful, but it still drags down into the pit of my stomach.
If only i could give or do more...

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