Monday, February 16, 2009


Variation of Ginberg's "America" (see end of post for video)

Australia when will you make up your own mind
When will you stop being the baby
Australia you are old but your brain says otherwise
Australia your father is a criminal and your mother needs apologies.
We grew up with a bit of a domestic situation
Australia i feel you are confused
A bite was taken out of you from underneath.
When will you ask for it back?
Australia when will you stop baaing
You've had your own wool pulled over your eyes
Why wont you grow up and stop growing out?
Australia shave off your fat!
Australia when will you fulfill your promises
Feed us all cake?!
We don't NEED anymore cake.
Creamy icing and sprinkles just doesn't cut it anymore
Australia when will you fly the nest
You're being a cuckoo and it just does not feel right
Australia i'm sick of the slump!
Australia are you tired of working?
Why don't you go rest your pretty little head
Everything can wait, it can!
Australia i feel our exports are being fed in from elsewhere
Australia you just share his lunch
Or just pick from his scraps
You need to learn how to cook
Australia you fear from all sides
You've picked one giant to huddle under and must go through
I fear from all sides. But i'm too isolated to matter.

I think i'm being squashed. And i've got no one decent to pull this elephant off my head
I'm sick of elephants sitting on my head!

Australia by colour is bleeding out
The puddles been left to back

Australia i think i'm getting demetia
Australia my mind isn't right
Who am i?

Okay, mine's totally shit in comparison. But i'll work on it. First draft, first draft! Plus he's been a poet for much longer....

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