Sunday, February 22, 2009


Does everyone else agree with how perfect this is?
Like ultimately fantastic. I wanted each item and some of the dresses seem so Carrie-esque aka SATC. Oh it makes me a litle fuzzy, like arts of work even.

On another note, apologiy for lackof posts but i predict this may continue. I've just started uni today, nervous as hell but i can just tell it's going to be brilliant. I mean when a text is on beastiality, it really can only improve- that is to say, i'm terribly enthralled! It's sad to hear heaps of cats in my tute would have rathered to do media arts and production or journalism but just didn't get in. I'm so fucking excited though. Fucking excited (excuse my french but it's worthy here), my course is going to rock. Fo' sho'

So ladycats, i will be attempting to post as much as possible (though it's possible no one actually reads this so it wouldn't matter), maybe with stuff i do for class. At the moment i don't have any other poems or anything to present to you all, hopefully soon. And i hope i write something soon too!!

What else to say, ah ah, ramblings how i do dig you.

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