Sunday, January 11, 2009


waiting waiting waiting for my soft machine and nova express copies to arrive. So keen to read them. Almost finished Kafka's 'The Trial'- he's a goddamn brilliant man.

Have decided to give into the trend and have been recently found sporting a red lipstick of my own. Though, the problem with me is the lips are so big and my nose is so long that when i smile, they touch. I don't want a lipstick covered nose! Alas, it must be dealt with. I have also followed on by rip tearing up a pair of red skinnys. Damn all you with black ones. I'm different...! It's much cheaper doing it yourself then by buying it, but my fingers are paying for it- jeans are tough to rip.

I really should follow all this with relevant pictures. Aye, i will when i move out aka less then two weeks now. Sucks to be sharing a room with a sister. Broadway baby- here i come!

Lovely boyfriend gave me a bollo tie. Big red stone- not some ugly texan eagle (though it's possible that could look good anyway). Actually, i'm very eager to get pictures. Make this thing look more interesting.

I'm hungry.

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