Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Along with celebrating the wonderful country that is Australia (though it damn rained!!)- it is a time for listening to the 'best' songs of the year, as voted by YOU on JJJ. Since moving to Sydney I've really stopped listening to the radio. Maybe I'll tune in to FBI every now and then, but really I've found it to be quite bothersome. Thankfully though, i've managed to say sane and remained on good terms with Kings of Leon and MGMT because, well, i haven't heard them being slogged off on every station in Australia. I've been able to leisurely put on the CD when I desire. It really irks me, though, that i found MGMT through the use of Myspace almost a year ago. And now commercial radio stations have been getting in on the act speaking of this great new bands they've recently discovered. It's the same for everything, i knew The Wombat's and the Pigeon Detectives about a year before they got played on our shores. Now Ra Ra Riot or maybe even Bears Repeating will be on high rotation. Of course these fantastic bands DO indeed deserve the radio play, but the obnoxious commercial station hosts shouldn't claim this 'new' bands has just hit the airwaves. I'm even being a little obnoxious here, yeah contradiction smontradiction, but reaaallyyyy, it's my blog, so screw you!

So I've decided, dear folks, to add in a section of the new bands I've been listening to recently (and newly found by me). It's likely you already know them, but when you're in a country so isolated as 'Down Under', it makes things slightly difficult. But hey, I'm just sharing personal taste, and finding new bands that really turn your dials is a great past time of mine!! By the way, i really am not music reviewer, i do not really know about stylistic characteristics of music, or really anything technical about music at all. So what i like has no basis in anything specific, just what graces my ears with delight!

Ra Ra Riot- i had to wait months for their album 'The Rhumb Line' to get to the local JB-HIFI, but was it worth it! Beautiful songs.

Bachelor of Arts- even though they are an Australian band I'm yet to have seen them live. But the Gothic aspect to their music i just find so deliciously appealing!

Bears Repeating- luckily i stumbled upon this page, honestly i have no idea how, but it really mesmerises me. Pay special note to 'Doctors' and '225', actually, all of them...

The Process- I saw these guys as a support for Mercy Arms, and the singers energy was just amazing. His dance really reminded me of Ian Curtis' awkward yet charming dance style. Actually, they are pretty Joy Division-esque. Another great Australian band (that isn't The Presets!)

We Smoke Fags- so utterly danceable, yet really really hypes you up. Plus I'm diggin' on their style!

WhoMadeWho- are a band i only really heard of lately, yet I'm certain have been known by some of my friends for some time. Shame i wasn't informed. And i shall hopefully be seeing at Playground Weekender (along with soo many others) very soon!

Beau Monde- I saw these guys play on Crown Street.. one sunny day. They stopped many a motorist. I was blown away. "Fiery Redhead' really applies. Excellent proof that girls can make brilliant music!

Mercy Arms- for you non-Australians who may not have heard of this group. One of my favourites easily! Have seen them live uncountable times. Including at Club 77 every week for a month! Seriously, just listen!

I guess that will do for now, but I'm imploring you to just click the links and turn up your speaker- headphones if you're at work. Amen!

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