Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not so long

Have not added anything to here and much time. Because i'm a lazy sob, basically. Spent my 11 days off work doing absoloutely nothing, and loving it. But cheers to me for getting into my course at UTS- writing and cultural studies and international studies.

Here i am now, sipping my chai, unable to come up with anything for a poem. Or a little ditty. Received a 3disc collection of Ginsberg reading his stuff and i'm trilled!

Field Day was a blast, despite me being the only sober on there. Why was i? God, i have NO idea. But i still had a great time. So many kids in horrible and fantastic outfits. No doubt most hated mine (see below on right). Who said swimmers can't be worn on the bottom as is?! Who says!

Fcuk i need a tan.

Full time work blows.

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