Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After being led to this blog by a friend I am horribly appalled.
The site itself is not entirely what horrifies me. Clearly it's basis is purely in opinion and it's not even so much as a sexist man who's behind it, rather one who was unsatisfied with his life and chose to seek attention, in this case by drawing conclusions as to why men are better than women (and really insulting everyone's intelligence). He's found a simple solution to make some money and himself infamous, he realises that there is a group of people who support these ideas and he's exploiting and pursuing that fact.

(Oh luckily for us Dr Phil is a 'real' Doctor...)

What it is that infuriates me the most is what he is encouraging. It's likely that at the core of Dick's heart is sexism, but by creating the type of posts that he does he's creating an environment for true sexist men to vomit out and expand their prejudiced ideas of the 'superior sex'. Reading through various comments I've come to realise the type of people who take his blog too seriously (even women included), and my conclusion is simply, they are stupid.

Unfortunately though this blog does exist and it makes it impossible for me to sit comfortable and trawl through the numerous comments about the incompetence and inferior qualities of woman.

Personally i think over zealous feminists are almost as bad. Their opinion's are the same as a chauvinistic male. However, these feminists have emerged from the need of women's rights. Looking back in history women have always been suppressed, why? Sure, physically we are generally weaker, but if your argument is that men in history are smarter then women, it's because the women themselves were never permitted to an education. All this stemming from what, the bible? It was Eve who committed the original sin. Anyone who would read the old testament now days would realise it has expired. As with this logic.

Humph, this fires me up a little. I'm not a supreme feminist, but i do acknowledge the need for less radical variants of them. And i do acknowledge the remaining need for improving conditions for women. And i do acknowledge the need for a little more eduction to be given to certain males so that the sexist chain will cease to exist in their family- where the man thinks it's okay to hit the woman (so she stays in her place, of course!) and that there is such thing as rape in marriage.

I'll just leave you with this:

Really, what a giant joke. Have a quick look at his website and his inability to create a sustained argument about his 'thoeries'

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