Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Television

I hate you. I really do. You add to my increasing paranoia.
Air Crash Investigation you add fuel to my flying fright fire. Especially as soon I'm flying to port in a not large plane. Why must you tell me that these planes failed. I'm already worried enough as it's a giant hunk of metal flying through the air.
Crime Investigation Australia. Last night you showed me a man brutally murder a family. With a tomahawk. There was rape. And head smashing involved. This was real. In Australia! I don't want to know this. Why don't you let me be obliviously peaceful. Now I don't want to go to the countryside. Or sleep. Anything.
News- with wars, natural disasters and murders and robbery and shark attacks- (3 in 2 days). Jesus oh Jesus, why must i be so pitifully scared. It prevents sleep. Why must you do it to me.

Therefore, i beg you please cease. Give me rest, allow for calm.

Love Emma

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