Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Plough!

My slight infatuation with British comedy has stretched further with the new addition to my collection- season 1 of Green Wing.
I'd never heard of it until a random conversation was sparked with a new acquaintance at Field Day, who suggested it.
I thought I'd give it a go and i did a quick YouTube search, finding the following:

I've watched it numerous times and it never ever got tired. So today, i went and bought it, shall make for delicious viewing this evening (though i should be packing!). New home on Friday!!

On the topic of great clips, here is my favourite clip ever out of any movie, ever!

Duckie miming and dancing to Otis Redding's version of 'Try a little tenderness" in "Pretty in Pink". Such a fantastic song, and boy oh boy doesn't Duckie dress well! The hair, the shoes, the jacket, the accessories. Everything!! Who would have known this endearing character would be the neurotic, awkward Allen in "Two and a Half Men"

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