Wednesday, November 26, 2008

America's next (shit) top model

Yes yes, i'm very good at coming up with titles/puns. But honestly, it's true. I watched the final of cycle 11 on the tube today, and i just didn't care about it. Obviously McKey (stupid name) was going to win, but my god. Not great at commercials, has a fucked up mouth when she speaks and heavens forbid that she walks down a catwalk!
The other finalist, sam, was no competition, though she did take some great shots.
It's clear this show was not created to breed high fashion models, no matter how many times they mention the word on the show. I count about 50,000. The prizes are all commercial- covergirl, 17 magazine... I am just left totally unimpressed...
The show was just cliche after cliche. Eugh. Though i guess i still did make a point of watching each episode.

I haven't watched other countries versions of the show, other then Australia's and season 3 of that can't be topped. Alice Bordeu, the winner, is a true catwalk and editorial model, the first to get a vogue cover. A Vogue spread is a prize here people! Even though it's Australian Vogue, it's VOGUE, not Seventeen.... Napolean contract etc etc etc. Just seems to have so much more promise. Though a note must be added of the lack of quality of host- Jodhi Meares, Tigerlily designer, other then being a horrible host with not many fashion/model credentials, she just didn't give a shit. Bah Humbug!

If you aren't Australian it's possible you wont know Alice, but here's some proof for the pudding:

See right.

Want to see more of the goods she has: Elite Model Management Profile

ANTM you can suck AuNTM's ass, bitch.

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