Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I saw the film Choke last night, finally. And boy, oh boy was it fantastic.

I mean who else but Palahniuk can combine sex addiction, colonial american theme parks, jesus' foreskin, kidnapping, a mental hospital, choking on food, rocks, a lot more sex and italian.

Fantastic soundtrack too- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and finishing off with Radiohead, it was damn bliss.

If i were to recommend a movie for you- it's an easy choice

On another note, slightly off-beat but nonetheless relevant, i've started reading 'The Dice Man' (Luke Reinhardt). The writing style reminds me of Chuck, slightly dark and quirky, all wonderful. It has such a great premise and definately does tempt me to give all to the die. Why should i make choices when the dice can do it for me...

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