Monday, November 10, 2008

Club Cat

She was a little sloppy in her movements. Pounding through the water in the air, pressure on her body. She was exhausted. Her eyelids sagged until finally sealed shut. Her body begun to slightly sway and before stance could be gained she fell on the floor. She was a night owl, returning home at dawn to her cave. Blinds were drawn shut, light peering through as if it were trying to witness a magic show. Alas, no magic show was to be had, only the impenetrable snores of her slumber. The day continued on around her. Warmth stroking the hill’s backs, flowers extending in pride. Chirping birds meant nothing to her. 9am did not exist in her mind, how could it? She was sleeping. Hands turned the clock, grabbing the numbers and pulling themselves around. Dusk. She was awake again. Shower, makeup over makeup of makeup from last week. A new set of clothes barely covered her pale body. Her body had not yet recovered, but as usual, she gave it fuel. The motor starting, idling slightly, chugging into full speed, and beyond. Out into the endless stars of disco balls, strobe, music that threw your body from one end of the room to another. It pulled at her chest, hair plastered to her face, as to the faces of others. Dawn hit again. And down she fell.

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