Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slurry Markets, why doth thou be on such a hot day!

Those damn fantastic markets are only on once a month, and as per usual i tramp along down there, possibly looking like a tamp in my denim cutoffs (which i think were mean for a 12year old...), black singlet and flanny i ripped the sleeves off, with damn old chains and to top it off my beautiful stanton bolwers hat. Oh and frilly socks and sequins shoes. Heh! Details, details details.
Although it was a smouldering 50billion degrees, i did manage to stumble about for an hour or two, frothing over everything and settling on barely anything.
The leather high waisted shorts were probably the best purchase i've made in a while. Leather festish is almost complete. Leather jacket, top, vest, shorts, skirt x2, i just need some pants! Sorry cows...

Although i didn't buy much else the shorts came in handy for the night, when i went to town on my dads old great calvin klein shirt that it midrifferised. And just generally tore apart. Look topped off by the boyfriends bright blue bow tie. Sweet action cats. Long night, stumbling out of sweaty 77 in the light of dawn. One of the best i've had in forever. No pictures though alack.

Yahar. No more poetry lately either. It comes to my head and i never have paper or a pen/pencil handy. Or the interwebs. No fun.

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