Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Blogosphere,

There are endless upon infinite of fashion blogs, many which i am yet to pass and boy do i wish i could be just like those girls! With their photogenic perfection and wardrobe that for some would kill, it makes for fantastic reading whilst one is supposed to be working. Girls with ask of their mothers, why was i born with this hideous nose, why can't i find great clothes like that in this shanty town. Alas, no answers to be had. Girls will cry and moan and yelp and whinge and holler and complain and suffer in vain. Mother, why can't i be like that too? You watch me. i'll try. til death i shall. See above in my avant-garde pose, not showing my entire face. (actually this is me dancing at ladytron in September). Just look at me go...

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