Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I feel like running. Running. Feet pounding pounding pounding. Cold inhilation burns the back of the throat but it's only for moving forwards. Shoes are inhibitors i rip them off and leave for an old young fat skinny new deathly beggar to find. Tiny rocks in the tar tears the creases of my soles so slightly. I don't mind. Trees pass by me, or i pass by them into a blur. Race me i yell. The ground rumbles its warm belly and loosens letting the roots detach and shake the soil from toes. Thud thud thudding after me. Birds in branches screech with disruption catching their nests as they fall and putting them in a tree that now, for the moment, is stationary. The lumbering tree after me makes me faster. Tears stream from eyes and pat onto the pavement. Dark tiny marks are left but not for long. The warm belly of the earth sucks it in and soothes it's burns. For this comfort he moves his back in my direction egging me forward tumbling on. The tree's left a trail of wafting leaves. and settles feet back inside the warm earth. Tendrils slinking forwards wrapping around rocks and driving further downward. I do not stop. The pulse of my heart feels it will expand through my chest and float to the sun, filled with helium. Blood rushing through veins feels constricted and waterfalls with pressure on through to my fingers. Destination? None. what be it's need. Tumbling on emitting a yell arms spread moving forward always forward but off on tangents we go. Up the stairs legs muscles oxygen burning. Falling forward onto grass the world is the axis and i am the spinning top. White mouth parched gives life through gulps of water, runs down the throat cooling the blood calming the heart soothing the muscles easing the pain releasing the pressure. This is IT.

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