Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Fistful of Quarters

Newcastle. After eating a triple cheeseburger (mistaken for a double) and then a steak and chips with a voddy on the side and a block of cadburys chocolate to finish off, we rented out some dooveds. The King of Kong was on the menu, and boy oh boy was it satisfactory. By the end we were a whoopin' an' a hollerin' all 'cause Billy Mitchell (the douche) finally got beaten out of his high score for the classic arcade game, Donkey Kong by the underdog hero, Steve Weibe.

(I'd never date you Billy, you don't make long hair look rugged at all.)

The unlikely hero

Highlight to include-
'daaaaddddd don't play doooonkeeeyyyy kooooooongggggg'
'i diid a poooo'
'wipe my bum!'
(Steve's son- all recorded while the high score game is being filmed).

Ah, it was just blessing after blessing with this film, even though some of it may have been staged, i choose to remain blissfully ignorant and just enjoy the film in all its dramatic wonder.

Go see!

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