Thursday, July 16, 2009

When cats turn grey

i would very much like skins season 4 to be done

I just finished Rant, and let's just say oh my god. I ended up calling my boyfriend and gushing for about 20minutes about how fantastic it was. To give you some juicy details:

time travel, immortality, granpa paradox, party crashing (derby demolition), rabies, vemon caused erections, dildos, historians, nighttimers, incest, teeth, vomit, dogs, valuable coins, tasting food habits through tasting your vagina, balls of snot stuck to the wall, quarantine, traffic reports, nicknames, death, authorities. Everything in one novel, one incredible novel. My favourite of his i must say. I want to have the ideas he has. It's amazing. I'm amazed.

To quote Cassie, "oh, wow"

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