Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm on the money

Jean Paul Gaultier. Seriously. You know?
Apparently the embroidery is the same as on a bank note, i don't have any american dollars so i can't verify this, but who cares? It's fantastic. The really high pants and transperancy of everything and the lace and the hair and i just love it. It also makes me sad, that this is really something i will never own. Maybe i will? Fuck lets hope.

So That's Spring 09 as oppossed to Fall 09:

I mean, everything is amazing, but i like to post the more extreme, because i'm into extremes.
That shell looking bodysuit is the one thing i want in my warddrobe. And i'd easily throw everything else out for it.

It's crazy how diferent the two seasons are.

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