Thursday, July 23, 2009

School's out!

Yeah, not really. It's actually going back. After 7 weeks of holidays, i guess i'm pretty happy about it.. i can't actually DO things again. My three new subjects- Ideas in History, Creativity and Culture and Fictional Forms look pretty fucking sick, so i'm going to enjoy myself i think. I don't want to leave uni. I don't want a full time job!

On the lighter side, my apartment block (all uts kids) are having a Back To School themed party. No doubt, just an excuse for girls to dress a little slutty, and hey, why not, all in good fun! Pretty sure i'm going to go, and i bought a little tartan skirt for the event- unforunately my real uniform is back at home home. I want one of the ties Blair/Little J has on though, i dig! And a nice blouse too... actually, i'd want a blous with one of those collars that stick up, i don't know exactly how to describe it, but i'm pretty sure i've seen men with them. unisex unisex unisex!

I bought a new other things which i intend to improve somehow, so we shall see how that unfolds i suppose

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