Monday, July 6, 2009

I finally found black lipstick, but will it suit me?

Yeah, total slackoid, i know. Who are you i'm talking to anyway?!
Will update with pictures soon i spose, but for the moment in the past few days i have:

turned twenty (big woo), ate feta, bocconcini, haloumi, parmesan and camembert, received some fucking sick books, wished i went shopping (and maybe i will tomorrow), watched a copious amount of disney movies, tried to clean but to no avail, lamented over the shithouseness of my hair, lamented over my lack of writing at the moment, lamented over the cold and my cold, stared out my window at the alley below and rubbed my eyes, worked, read zillions of other blogs, coloured in and gone to a gay club.

I want to do some sewing but need to go to the doctor. Humbomb.

And so i leave you with Duchamp's Fountain.

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