Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Animale from Brazil's fashion week i think (?) with my favourite (and i'm sure most others') Raquel Zimmermann. There really is just something about her. And these clothes are quite amazing. Honestly, in my opinion, the more skin the better haha. Effy knows how i feel, though i never go quite as far as showing my knickers.

Got results from my very first semester of uni last night. Fucking stoked that i landed myself with a high distinction for the best subject ever. I really goes to show that if you like what you're doing you go well... my least favourite subject i got a credit for, and my next favourite a disctinction. Funny isn't it. Or something.

I really want to be getting into my sewing machine but i'm so shit and impatient. I think if my room was clean it would be made easier. I did make a velvet dress but it didn't work out for me so i have to have round 2 for that one. I think i also need to donate some clothes i don't want anymore, there's so much fucking clutter it's ridiculous.

God, it's nuts how self-indulgent blogs are, even conversations. People love to talk about themselves, it's only natural, and i think i'm a prime sufferer, i just get so excited about everything i need to share. And i always notice it and try to steer away but i can't. It's ridiculous. Maybe the other person in the conversation is thinking exactly as i am and we are both trying not to talk about ourselves but we can't help it and then it's a giant mess. Seriously, think about it next time, better yet if you're intoxicated and it's pretty bizarre, at least, to me.

I'm of to do a crossword, it's a rediscovered passion and a good workout for my brain.

(pictures from TFS)

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