Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i've been horribly behind

on my behind. with this blog.
it's busy busy time at uni with cut ups and radio scripts galore. if only i could post my recording for you all. So again, if anyone know's how to post mp3's tellll me!!
It's not like it's copyright, i made it indeed.
i've also been doing some sewing. It's amazing what you can make from a 2m long lace curtain. Well to start i made this collar, it's rad, but i want to make lace bell bottoms, hm. I'm not good with pants. Patterns could help.
I also really want to post up my electric blue leather dress but i am yet to take pictures. i blow.
booerns really, now i'm yabbering.

I do love feathers. i think these pictures are from dazeddigital but i can't be sure. But they are saved under my computer as Misa Harada, so i guess that's who it is- the head pieces. Have i even posted this before. I am out of it...

plans: buy feathers and studs and some leather and make some sort of a head piece. Deal. ad velvet? yeah.


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