Friday, May 29, 2009


Yeah, okay, i admit it, i'm obsessed with lace. I'm a tactile kinda gal and fuck, i just dig it. I altered a pair of old blue pants- see top- about 2 hours ago, when i SHOULD have been doing assessments. Well i mean all i did was cut off the pants at the knee and cut 2 cirles out of lace and sewed them on- yes, hand sew, i'm that lazy i couldn't be bothered to set my machine up. ha! i guess i was inspired by erin wasson in those lovely bell bottoms, balmain, i think??

And i made that collar thing the other day, hand sewn again... just gathereing it and attaching it with a press stud easy peasy. The gloves i bought and fingerlessised... oh, and sorry for the bag of rubbish in the background...

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