Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If anybody ever reads this:


I'm writing a cut up- well a version of a cut up. See if you don't know what i'm talking about. I've photocopied on page from a few different texts on jazz, the brain, plants, clothing and dams and i'm using only the words on these 6 pages (though i'm thinking of adding a page of a novel or something) to create a personal essay, on the senses and perception and knowledge and what not. I've just written the beginning. I think it's fucking cool, but it's likely to not make sense... just keep in mind this is not a normal essay, personal essays are more creative, obviously personal and informal and just different! Ha. So let me know what you think? It's likely before anyone (if anyone) does say i would have written more, but i can leave that until later...

A twist in the breeding place activating movement. Attention tuning in, awake. Mesh of material and arms and legs and hair, unkempt. Physical stiffness alert by a discrete odour. Arch back, strengthening posture, body impulses faster to food materials. Water cooling hot veins. Evaporation of transpiration but unpleasant pressure does pit toward the back pocket. I discharge and the viscosity slashed by my three-dimensional longitudinal elasto-plastic material. This transmitting gives an involuntary pleasure, a temporal unidentified experience. It does influence my emotional brain.

So yeah, what do you think?

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Chuck. said...

Ah, the cut up. Bob Dylan once wrote an entire book using that tactic. Craig Shuftan writes a lot about it in his book. I like it.