Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks K Rudd!

for my $950 stimulus gift :)
Ladies, ladies, ladies, just se what i bought with (some of) it:

Jacket from Surry Hills Markets- Front

Back- aren't those tassle fringe things just divine!

Hiking Style Boots from Surry Markets again (okay i bought these at the last markets, but though i'd include them cause they rock)

Old school camera (not sure if it works), but for only $10 who wouldn't have got it, again from Slurry Markets!

Gloves are the Sportsgirl, DIY-d, wish they made white though, and i wish Spotlight had more than one variety of studs!

Brr, i'm in freezing Russia (not really but Sydney's cold today!). The hat is from the markets of course, the vest is from Target (!) and the lace top is one i found in vinnies about a year ago

This top was from supre (ick!), but i chopped it and had my go at shredding the fabric, there's some on the back too, but i dig it hard. It also has a pocket on the left breast which looks good too. Oh and the studded bracelet is just from General Pants

So, do you think i've been shopping wisely?

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