Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relax, don't do it (when you want to go to it)

A lot of people really aren't relaxed enough for my liking, or is it i am too lazy for them?
It may be true that i'm lazy, but at least i'm not wound up so tight my heads stuck in my mouth.

I'm enjoying the view from my window. And my clean room. I just organised my cd collection from my current favourite to my current least favourite. It would have changed even now, but i am certainly not going to do it again.

Very soon i'll do a post for the winter season- filled with my jacket collection, will i be in the shot or won't i? What a question. I wish it were still summer...

The Surry Hills Markets are on tomorrow, i urge anyone who's in Sydney to go, even though i may not be able to, because they are amazing. I have noticed the amount to which i use the word amazing, and it's amazingly quite often! Along with the likes of brill, ace and radicool. I am a 90s child after all...

image: cobrasnake

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