Monday, April 27, 2009

I want you so hard, i want you so good

Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes. Wow!

I went and saw Eagles of Death Metal on Saturday night, and oh me oh my he is one sexy, sexual sex God. The rest of the band rules, obviously, but i can't get past The Devil. Had such an amazing night, and yes, i did catch Joey castillo's drumstick. He's the drummer for Queens of the Stone Age (my most favourite), and it was so sad that Josh Homme, the 'real' drummer and what not for EODM didn't tour because of his other commitments, being QOTSA i guess. But i love him even more then Hughes, which may seem impossible, but he really surpasses. And they both have flaming hair.. coincedence? I think not.

I know the quality isn't amazing, i was dancing at the time, and there was people jumping in front of me so it was hard to snap the perfect moment. But weren't we quite close!

Look at the marks on the sticks- he goes so hard!

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