Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mr Magician

His blade severs Miss Assistant's cords.
Spinning her top, and then her bottom.
The two parts, now one- secrets are not shown.
A cloud of smoke accompanies a boom. A flash of light.
Stage blanketed in glitter, light catching upon each spec.
A kaleidoscope of shapes shift with head movement.
Stage lay bare.
But for a black box in the centre.
The audience puzzled; this a trick, part of the show?
Moments pass, minutes elapse. Time ticks on.
And on.
Impatient audience member no longer waits.
Storms upon the stage and booms 'where are you'
Statement, no question.
Inflated by silence he moves towards the box.
Trepidation sets in but he moves on because of the hundred eyes x2 watching on.
Defiant man clicks open the latch
Bare stage but for the black box.
Audience streems out, trampling specs of glitter motionless on the floor.

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pietro d. perrone said...

Bye Emma.
I visited your sited; i translated you post by google.
How are you?
Is good the life in Australia?
Do you like Kafka, no? I too.Very mouch.