Tuesday, August 4, 2009

freedom isn't free

Progress and enlightenment were the topic of today's class. Interesting, and contradictory, which is even more interesting.

However, scary the thought that we may just progress ourselve to the point of extinction. You know, blow up the whole world? There's got to be a point where we stop kidding ourselves and slow the fuck down and fix everything up that we've screwed along the way. Really, it's terrifying.

Then there's the topic of free speech. It's utterly confusing and i see no end at the moment. Yes, yes, free speech is what we all say we want, yet this does mean we can say racist or homophobic or sexist remarks does it not? You may go, ohhhh no no no, but think about it. If we were in fact allowed to say what we want then such comments would be permitted. There really has to be some balance. For you can't teach every single person that there is equality between different skin colours and sex and orientation, they sinply wont beleive you. So where's the line? How much do we censor? I simply don't know. Blogs though, are as close as you can get to free speech, unless it really is so 'bad' and the man in the big house shuts you down. Which i don't see too often, for really, how many people read my blog? Not many. So i could be an utter cunt and say horrible things and the chances are not many people would notice.

At the moment though, i don't think we are quite at the point of free speech that i would prefer. Too much is censored, and frankly i'm into 'obcenity', writing about blood and sex and drugs is fun, really, it is. And it's fun to read about. and you can be so descriptive. And you can freak people out with how freaky you are. Other than at uni or on blogs where else do we see much of this? Movies i suppose. But not entirely.

Another thing that irks me is the worry that religion will creep into politics. Which its still quite invasive of -hello gay marriage and abortion etc. I can't have more of it or ill go insane. I'm fucking liberal (not the party, but the idea) and i don't want to be governed by some righteous asses. Hey, i really don't mind what people beleive, honestly, it's no skin of my back and if it works for you, it works for you, but to run a country, no, a world by it? It's fucking insane.

And by the way, i'm a subjective being, so this is my truth. Beleive it or not, whatever. Oh dear, i wont get into subjectivity vs objectivity or dualism right now. I'll jabber on confusingly forever.

so, dear fellows, how do you feel.

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Sarah Jane Innes said...

I came to the realisation during today's class that we can never truely be free becouse our definition of freedom may affect someone else's freedom.

we have no legal right to free speech in this country.