Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Dean Quinn. Cool shit. Blogging is slowing. I'm finding tumblr easier to use:
But today is my work day which means i'll post a lot. I suppose
I tried to make this velvet dress but i fucked it because i'm a novice. Then i realised the way i can fix it to make it fit will make it a billian times cooler. Hells yeah. It's a low-back singlet dress which was too fucking small. So i cut the middle of the back out and i'm putting two zippers in and putting stretch between the zippers. And the top of the zippers will be joined somehow to the straps. You know, somehow. I'll figure it out.

I've been DIYing a lot. But taking photos of me in clothes is embarrasing. I'm not very photogenic. But i do want to share my outfits. Ah, the conundrum you see?

My boyfriend had a bit of an issue ith my bra showing today. But it's so silly. No one seems to acknowledge a bra is EXACTLY the same as swimmers. EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. Who gives a shit.

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