Sunday, June 14, 2009

Music is my hot, hot sex

But books are my love. I've got so many to read at the moment-

America- Franz Kafka
The Dharma Bums- Jack Keroac
Nova Express- William S. Burroughs
The Soft Machine- William S. Burroughs
Three Novels (Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable)- Samuel Beckett
I Celebrate Myself (The somewhat private life of Allen Ginsberg)- Bill Morgan
Valis- Philip K. Dick
The Stand- Stephen King
Eyeless in Gaza- Aldous Huxley.

Fuck, long list (i also have more i haven't read but this is where i need to go first...)
Lucky i'm on holidays at the moment i guess. If you add in Chuck Palahniuk and Luke Rhinehardt theses are basically by favourite authors... give or take.



Sarah Jane Innes said...

I havent read Valis butI'm currently reading the world jones made by phillip K dick...I'm not massivly scifi orientated but I like it alot.the rest I have no clue. I have a habit of buying /being given/findingbooks and then not reading them so this holiday's is all about getting some of them done. I have 57 unread/unfinished books in sydney to read. these holidays areall book/craft orientated. Dad and I are going to make a coffee table out of books.

Lucy said...

dharma bums is ok.
very pretentious, very sort of "im awesome cos im a white american dappling in buddhism" also very "i do this because this is buddhism..." which at the time wouldnt have been so bad but now that everyone knows what buddhism is its a bit jarring.

not as good as on the road, but still a good style though. and still made me want to climb mountains and ponder the meaning of life while high and only a can of baked beans to my name.
kind of fitting i read this in switzerland. though i didnt actually bother with any of the mountain climbing, even though i was staying at the foot of one. heh.

ps i have no idea how this thing knows my name....

Madeleine said...

i just commented this and it didn't work...bastardsss

basically what i said is-
have you read haunted by mr. chuck p?
it is fucked up/delightful
i am re-reading american pyscho (for possibly the third time) which is sad and reflects my serious book drought.
i am going to swipe this list and take it with me to the library
so fank-YOU